Financial Empowerment is Essential for Success

The Rhode Island Financial Empowerment Roundtable, which was launched by Treasurer Magaziner, regularly brings together representatives from government, non-profits, education, businesses, and banking to network and share ideas on how to encourage economic growth and financial stability among Rhode Islanders.

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Rhode Island Treasury, under Treasurer Magaziner’s leadership, partners with EverFi, a highly regarded online financial education platform, to offer the Rhode Island Financial Scholars Program at high schools across the state. 
During the 2016-17 academic year, EverFi provided financial education to an estimated 6,672 students in 68 Rhode Island schools.  65 of those schools are public schools, which are located in 28 of the 39 municipalities across the Ocean State.

As of August 2017, an estimated 36,124 learning modules have been completed, with Rhode Island students spending over 25,009 hours learning about personal finance. The topics covered in the curriculum include: financing higher education, savings, banking, payment types, credit scores, and more.

Additionally, in an effort to grow and serve more students, EverFi launched FutureSmarts, an interactive learning course which is designed to teach financial education skills to middle school students. Topics covered include: financial values and goal-setting, budgeting, planning for the future, risk vs. return, and more. To date, 13 Rhode Island middle schools are using the program, with Rhode Island Treasury and EverFi working together to expand the program.  
Each year, Rhode Island Treasury partners with Rhode Island Money Smart Week to promote personal financial literacy through workshops and interactive activities.  Some of these workshops include: You May Have Unclaimed Property – a workshop with staff from the R.I. Treasury’s Unclaimed Property division assisting the public with searching for unclaimed property and start the process for getting it; and Saving for College with the CollegeBound – a workshop with staff from Treasury’s CollegeBound team discussing the costs and benefits of opening a college savings account.
April is Financial Literacy Month. Collaborating with community groups across the state, Rhode Island Treasury plans and promotes a month-long program of activities and educational opportunities geared at Financial Empowerment, including a workshop for seniors discussing consumer protection and how they can protect themselves from scams. 
In 2018 Rhode Island Treasury, along with Pawtucket Credit Union and Ascensus College Savings, hosted its inaugural “Job Shadow” day. Forty-one high school students from cities and towns across Rhode Island had the opportunity to interact with professionals in the finance industry and to learn about careers and observe daily work activities.

Partnering with our local Jump$tart organization during the month, Rhode Island Treasury hosts a celebration at the State House for Personal Financial Challenge Award winners. Additionally, we participate in an interactive conference called “Real World Day” which is hosted by Pawtucket Credit Union at Bryant University where local high school students learn about credit and personal finance.

In 2018, Treasurer Magaziner, along with members of the Financial Literacy Roundtable hosted the first-ever Treasurer's Office “Job Shadow” day. Over the past two years, nearly 200 high school students from cities and towns across Rhode Island, had the opportunity to interact with professionals in the finance industry and to learn about careers and observe daily work activities.

In 2016, Treasurer Magaziner launched Treasury’s Financial Literacy Educator of the Year Award to honor educators who lead their field in teaching financial literacy. As a former elementary school teacher, Treasurer Magaziner has first-hand experience with the challenges and importance of being an educator. He understands the passion and dedication that teaching requires. And he knows that, too often, teachers do not get the recognition they deserve.
Treasurer Magaziner's Financial Literacy Educator of the Year Award recognizes teachers who excel in and out of the classroom to provide their students with the financial literacy skills they need to successfully navigate our complex financial system. The award is open to teachers in the State of Rhode Island who meet the following criteria:

  • Teach financial literacy and has taught it for at least two years
  • Coach a financial literacy-related club or extracurricular activity, and
  • Have a student letter of support.

The Treasurer’s Young Leader Award recognizes students who have demonstrated an interest in entrepreneurship and developing the skills necessary to achieve their goals.

These awards are presented to high school juniors in the State of Rhode Island who meet the following criteria:

  • Outstanding achievement in math, economics, and business-related courses
  • Active in his or her community
  • School leader, and
  • Embodies an entrepreneurial spirit.

In 2016, Treasurer Magaziner was, along with Indiana State Treasurer Kelly Mitchell, appointed co-chair of the Financial Education and Empowerment Committee for the National Association of State Treasurers.

For State employees, the Office of Employee Benefits offers no-cost financial wellness resources, ranging from in-person fairs and workshops to online tools.

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