Q: What is the reporting deadline?

All holders must report by November 1st each year as of June 30th.

Q: What is the aggregate amount?

Any account under $50 need not be reported in detail. If you are filing electronically, please list the under $50 amounts.

Q: What is the dollar limit for sending out Due Diligence letters?

For any account of $50 or more, the holder is required to send a notice to the last known address of the owner.

Q: In what format should we file the report?

If you are filing more than 25 accounts, you should file electronically on CD or diskette in the NAUPA format. This layout can be downloaded form the Wagers web site (wagers.net).

Holders reporting less then 25 accounts can print our reporting forms from our web site.

Q: What are the dormancy periods?

The dormancy periods are listed on our reporting forms that can be printed from this web site.

Q: If I do not have any property to report, do I still have to file a report?

Yes. Rhode Island requires a negative report. The report should be on your company letterhead and sent to:  

Unclaimed Property Division
PO Box 1435
Providence, RI 02901-1435
Fax: 401-462-7698

Q: Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact the Unclaimed Property Division at (401) 462-7676 or by e-mail at ups@treasury.ri.gov.