Information for Holders of Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed Property Reporting Guidelines

The State of Rhode Island requires that institutions holding unclaimed property for Rhode Island residents submit the appropriate data electronically.

Below are links that institutions may find useful:

  • Resources to facilitate the electronic submission of data are available from the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) at:
  • UPExpress is an Unclaimed Property reporting website with allows holders of unclaimed property to electronically send reports to multiple states, while allowing them to remit payment at the same time. It eliminates CDs, paper, packaging and postage to make reporting simpler and faster. Please note: A service fee is added to cover the cost of online submission reporting.
  • Additional electronic reporting software is available at:
  • If you have FEWER than 25 properties to report, you may submit your holdings by following these instructions: RI Forms UP1 and UP2

Additional Information and Forms

Click here for additional information about Rhode Island's Unclaimed Property Laws

If you still have questions, please contact the Unclaimed Property Division at (401) 462-7676 or by e-mail at

DISCLAIMER: The State of Rhode Island recognizes the recommendation of NAUPA and its exclusive arrangement with Eagle Technology Management (ETM) in providing free reporting software but cannot specifically recommend, endorse, approve, or guarantee any other products or services offered by any third parties.