Investments & Finance

The Deputy General Treasurer for Finance manages the Investments & Finance Division. This Division provides investment and cash management services to the State government and certain State agencies and manages the State's general obligation debt liabilities. The investment function is divided between the Cash Management and Pension Investment Operation units. Short-term operating cash is managed by the in-house Cash Management Unit, while long-term investments are managed by outside professional money management firms. The Debt Management Unit is responsible for the sale and administration of the State's general obligation debt.

Rhode Island’s investments, including approximately $8 billion of state pension assets, are managed by the Office of the General Treasurer under the direction of the State Investment Commission (SIC).

Visit the Investor Information Center

As part of his Transparent Treasury initiative, Treasurer Magaziner recently launched the Rhode Island Investment Information Center where you can find information about where the state’s pension funds are invested, how they are performing, and an overview of the state’s investment strategy and philosophies. You can also access data about the oversight of other state investments including the state's day-to-day cash management, the CollgeBound Saver, and the state's OPEB trust.

General information and resources related to the state's finances and debt can be found in our Investor Relations portal.