About the Treasurer

Treasurer James A. Diossa stands in front of the American and Rhode Island flags.

James A. Diossa was elected Rhode Island General Treasurer in November 2022 and sworn in on January 3, 2023. Treasurer Diossa is committed to serving as a responsible and active steward, protecting the livelihoods of our current and future pensioners, and promoting economic growth by expanding opportunities for all Rhode Islanders through thoughtful, transparent, and equity-focused leadership.

Throughout his years in public service, Treasurer Diossa demonstrated his commitment to giving residents the tools and opportunities for creating sustainable wealth. This commitment continues by making information readily available - and easy to access - to current and future pensioners as well as the general public and providing assistance to municipal governments requiring pension-related guidance. In addition, he is a key champion for expanded financial literacy in our schools to further help individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency.  

Raised and educated in Central Falls, Rhode Island, Treasurer Diossa served as a member of the City Council and Mayor of Central Falls, becoming the youngest mayor to date in our state’s long history. During his tenure as mayor, he helped Central Falls recover from the effects of bankruptcy and prior years of mismanagement. After completing two terms as mayor, he went on to serve as a Senior Advisor at Brown University’s Policy Lab. Treasurer Diossa is a graduate of Becker College. He lives in Pawtucket with his fiancée, Sandra Cano, their daughter, Arianna, and their newborn son, Alessandro.