About The PFMB

Members of the PFMB are nominated by the Governor and General Treasurer and must be confirmed by the Rhode Island Senate. You can download a copy of the PFMB's rules and regulations here.

Board Members

Current members of the PFMB include: 

Name Position Appointed By
James A. Diossa General Treasurer RI State Statute
Shawn J. Brown League of Cities & Towns General Treasurer Magaziner
Robert Mancini Public Member General Treasurer Magaziner
James E. Thorsen Director of RI DOA RI State Statute
B. Joe Reddish III Public Member General Treasurer Magaziner
Douglas L. Jacobs Public Member Governor Raimondo
Maribeth Q. Williamson Public Member Governor Raimondo

Office of Debt Management Staff

The Office of Debt Management staff are employees of the Office of the General Treasurer. Beyond providing support to the PFMB, they are charged with management and administration of state-issued debt. ODM staff work with colleagues in the Office of Accounts and Controls, the Budget Office, and Treasury's cash management team, to ensure the timely payment of debt service, evaluate financing options, and support the state's public finance needs. 

Request for Volume Cap Allocation

The Internal Revenue Code allows state and local government issuers to issue certain tax -exempt private activity bonds subject to an annual maximum amount that may be issued in each state. The Office of the Rhode Island General Treasurer, through the Public Finance Management Board (PFMB), is the administrating agency for the allocation of Private Activity Bond (PAB) volume under the Code. Those seeking to issue eligible private activity bonds that require a PAB volume cap allocation may apply by completing an application, which can be downloaded here.

Applications must be submitted to the PFMB at least two weeks prior to a board meeting. The meeting schedule is at debt.treasury.ri.gov. For further information please contact Frank Quinn, Director of Debt Management at 401-462-6951 or email at francis.quinn@treasury.ri.gov.