Financial Empowerment For Long-Term Success

Every Rhode Islander deserves the opportunity to achieve financial security. The Treasurer and his team advocate for expanded financial literacy in schools and for adults, as well as for programs and organizations that help Rhode Islanders become more financially self-sufficient.  

Financial Empowerment Roundtable

Job Shadow Day

The Office of the General Treasurer each year also hosts a Job Shadow Day, poviding Rhode Island students with the opportunity to explore careers in finance by visiting workplaces and interacting with financial professionals from the state. Over the last four years, 325 students have participated in this all-day hands on learning experience. 

Young Leader Award

Financial Literacy Educator of the Year Award

Treasurer Diossa understands that educators play a vital role in setting young people on the path to financial success. Treasurer Diossa's Financial Literacy Educator of the Year Award recognizes teachers across the State of Rhode Island who provide holistic support so their students can successfully navigate the financial system. The award, typically hosted in June, is open to teachers who meet the following criteria:

  • Teach financial literacy and has taught it for at least two years   
  • Coach a financial literacy-related club or extracurricular activity, and     
  • Have a student letter of support.

The Office of the General Treasurer is always working with local partners to increase and improve opportunities to bring financial empowerment to all Rhode Islanders. If you or your organization are interested in partnering, please contact our office.