Treasurer Diossa Raises Awareness Regarding Unclaimed Property by Reuniting Cities and Towns with Their Funds

Published on Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Providence, RI – To cap off summer in Rhode Island, General Treasurer James A. Diossa embarked on a statewide tour to return unclaimed property to several municipalities. The tour stopped in seven cities and towns and returned nearly $120,000 in unclaimed property. While reuniting municipalities with unclaimed property was a key goal of the tour, it was also meant to encourage every Rhode Islander to check if they have property waiting for them. Individuals, businesses, and organizations can search their name at to check for unclaimed property.

“Treasury’s unclaimed property team does an amazing job of getting money and other assets back into the hands of rightful owners,” said General Treasurer Diossa. “This tour was an excellent opportunity to get money back to our state’s communities and make sure Rhode Islanders know that they might have unclaimed property waiting for them.”

"I want to thank Treasurer Diossa and his team for their steadfast efforts, in ensuring that all Rhode Islanders have the opportunity to claim their rightfully owned assets. We are incredibly grateful that through the "UP Tour", nearly $10,000 was returned to our city!" said Pawtucket Mayor Donald R. Grebien. "I highly encourage all residents of the City of Pawtucket to check and see if they have any unclaimed property of their own."

“I am very grateful to Treasurer Diossa and his team for ensuring this money got back to the Town of North Providence,” said North Providence Mayor Charles A. Lombardi. “Every resident of our town should check to see if they have unclaimed property waiting for them.”

"I would like to thank Treasurer Diossa for the hard work of his entire staff to provide Johnston with over $12,000 in unclaimed property. Johnston will utilize this funding to invest in our senior center, parks and recreation, town library, and youth sports.Services like these are crucial to residents,” said Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena, Jr. “I’m thankful to Treasurer Diossa for his commitment to Johnston and improving the quality of life for all residents."

“The Town of Westerly would like to thank Treasurer James Diossa and his team for stopping at town hall and presenting us a check for over $3500.00 in unclaimed property,” said Westerly Town Manager Shawn Lacey. “Westerly will utilize this funding to support all our townwide programs, which are crucial services to the residents. We are thankful for Treasurer Diossa’s commitment to disbursing these funds to Westerly as well as all of the communities within the state.”

“We want to thank Treasurer Diossa and his office for the opportunity to utilize these unclaimed funds to help finance our July 4th community celebration next year,” said Coventry Town Manager Daniel Parrillo and Town Council President Hillary Lima.

“We appreciate Treasurer Diossa bringing $18,585.34 in unclaimed property funds to the Town of Cumberland. I have no doubt that these funds will be put to good use as we continue to advance important initiatives throughout the Town,” said Cumberland Mayor Jeffrey Mutter.

Unclaimed property consists of cash and assets that the Treasurer’s office recovers from businesses, banks, landlords, safe deposit boxes, and utility companies. The property is kept safe until it can be returned to its rightful owner.