Treasurer Diossa Welcomes Colombian Ambassador Luis Gilberto Murillo to Rhode Island

Published on Thursday, June 15, 2023

Providence, RI - Today, Rhode Island General Treasurer James A. Diossa welcomed the Colombian Ambassador to the United States, the Honorable Luis Gilberto Murillo, to Rhode Island.

“As the son of Colombian immigrants, I am deeply honored to welcome Ambassador Murillo to the Ocean State,” said General Treasurer Diossa. “Rhode Island is home to a thriving Colombian community centered in my hometown of Central Falls. This community started as a small group of textile workers who settled in the Blackstone Valley, and has grown to include elected officials, community leaders, and activists. Colombians in Rhode Island have helped make Rhode Island what it is today.”

"It is truly humbling to witness the remarkable growth and influence of the resilient Colombian American community in Rhode Island,” said Ambassador Murillo. “Colombia, with a profound sense of pride, honors the thriving force that it is today, and the United States owes a debt of gratitude to our people's contributions to this country's progress. It is an honor to be welcomed by Treasurer Diossa and to catch firsthand the spirit of unity and determination that has shaped Rhode Island into the inclusive and diverse place it is today. Together, we will continue strengthening the ties between our nations and building bridges of opportunity for all."

The Treasurer and Ambassador began the day with a meeting of Colombian American Rhode Island elected officials and official staff. Ambassador Murillo then met with Central Falls Mayor Maria Rivera and was presented with the key to the city at City Hall. He was also presented with the key to the city of Pawtucket by Mayor Donald Grebien. The Ambassador’s visit concluded with a community forum at Central Falls High School where he had the opportunity to meet with and hear from community members.