Pompea Imondi


I am writing to convey the adverse effects that the Retirement Security Act has imposed on my professional trajectory. As a committed public school teacher with 19 years of service, my initial retirement plan entailed concluding my career in 11 years with a total of 30 years of dedicated service. However, the recent reform mandates an additional 4 years of service, without accompanying financial benefits upon retirement.

This discrepancy raises concerns about the equity and fairness of the current system, as it necessitates a more extended commitment without a commensurate increase in the financial returns. I respectfully urge you to reconsider the existing framework, advocating for the removal of age-based requirements and the adoption of a retirement system anchored in years of service. This adjustment, I believe, would align with principles of fairness and uphold the assurances made to individuals who initially operated under a different set of expectations.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and am grateful for the consideration of a more equitable solution.

Submitted via email