Record of Testimony

  • Jean Halvorsen

    I am writing for return of our COLAs. I am a speech-language pathologist who worked in the Providence Public Schools for 37 years. I retired with my pension and organized my budget and financial outlook based upon my pension and my expected COLA.

  • Herman Rainey

    I had to relocate because of my low pension. I actually had to create my own COLA RI was to expensive so moving to a place less expensive was my only option. We need the COLA to be reinstated ASAP.Thank u

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  • David Doucet

    To: Members of the Pension Advisory Working Group

  • Patricia Young

    My story:  I retired as a guidance counselor at East Greenwich HS in 2000.  Things were going well (treading water) until my husband passed in 2020.  I cannot get any of his Social Security  pay because of the offset-provision.  BUT, I can have access to his Medicare because we

  • Richard Pendola

    As a 28 year employee of a RI Public School System, I contributed a great deal of my earnings to this retirement system.

  • Sandra Paquette

    Rhode Island political corruption at its worst—this describes the Pension Security Act introduced by the General Assembly in 2011, and enacted on January 21 2012.

    Let me list the pertinent facts:

  • Michael J. Benedetto

    I realize most of the people in attendance at the Pension Advisory meeting have heard what I am about to tell you before I will try to be brief and to the point.

  • Richard Fitzgerald

    Many retirees have died without receiving a promised Cola benefit. Many more will if we have to wait for the fund to reach 80%. Please consider lowering the 80% threshold to 70% and also allow retirees to start collecting a Cola after 5 or 6 years after retirement.

  • John DiPierro

    Mr. Diossa, please lets get this corrected! What was done was wrong for all the people who were employed and did not get what they were told. Thank You

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  • Karen Baglini

    I would like to let you know how negatively the retirement security act has impacted me personally. I am a current public school teacher with 29 years of dedicated service to my district.